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Family Ministry
Alma Jean Inkster

Alma Jean Inkster

Alma Jean is part of the staff team in Ministry for children, youth and families

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TRINITY UNITED CHURCH: APRIL 14, 2024 SUMMARY: TANGIBILIZING THE INTANGIBLE (Luke 24:36b-48) It’s very difficult to buy an idea or to sell one. A philosophy, a theory, a concept, however good is elusive if it remains purely theoretical. Nebulous. Intangible. For us ever, properly, to engage with something ‘intangible’ we need first for it to come down to earth, to become tangibilized. We need to ‘tangibilise’ the intangible. We need it to be something that we can get our hands…



2023_FS_Trinity United Church As per previous years, the Accountant prepared financial statements will be somewhat different than our internal statements that are sent out on a quarterly basis. This is primarily because from an accounting perspective, all the revenues of our investment funds (investment gains – or losses on the year) are simply recorded as investment income. For our internal purposes, we assume that $70,000 per year of income will come from the Camp Hurlburt fund and then another approximate…

Trinity Wedding Policy

Attached please find the updated Marriage Policy of our congregation as approved by our Board, February 15th, 2024. Trinity Wedding policy

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