Trinity United Church is a congregation of The United Church of Canada, in Vernon, BC.

Vision, Mission & Values Statements

In October 2012 the congregation adopted these statements as guiding principles.


Trinity United Church envisions a world that lives in the wholeness of God’s shalom.


Trinity United Church is a Spirit-led Christian community practicing love rooted in the example of Jesus.

Focus of Our Work

To build and enhance relationships, nurture spirituality, and model sustainability.


To help us in our focus of work, we the people of Trinity United church will:

  • welcome and celebrate diversity
  • display healthy boundaries and healthy practices in our relationships
  • work through conflict respectfully and inclusively
  • build, support and empower leadership from within our church and our community
  • champion social justice
  • support each other through life changing experiences
  • be led by the Spirit
  • foster vibrant worship and spiritual practices
  • respect the traditions of The United Church of Canada
  • be open to other faith journeys
  • model the change we want to see in the world
  • act with a social, economic and environmental consciousness
  • demonstrate accountable and transparent practices and decision making.