April Board Report

April Board Report

Members of your board met April 17 and I would like to provide you with a brief update of our activities at that session.

Rev. Jeff Seaton provided us further details on his sabbatical from May 29 until the end of September and those details were provided to the congregation last Sunday.

A report was also received from the pastoral care and outreach liaison, Val Holowach, and the board has asked that the refugee committee provided the congregation with an update on that process. Carol Kopp, the worship and education liaison also provided a report and she updated us on the activities of the UCW and the men’s group as well as a Bible study led Warren Bruleigh.

Treasurer Greg Ellis reported that $8,000 was received from the Men’s Group and $16,000 came in through general fundraising. A total of $5,000 was given to MacKenzie Camp for the washroom renovations. 

An afternoon retreat is planned for May 14 so members of the board can look towards the year ahead.

If you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss, please contact members of your board.

Richard Rolke
Board Chair