Board Report – Sep 2018

Board Report – Sep 2018

The Trinity Board met in late August and is scheduled to meet again on September 30th.

A key component of the Board’s work is to update and develop policies related to the Board’s operations and the work of the Lead Minister and Ministry teams.

This is the focus of our work at present.

The Board expects it will be able to create a clearer picture of the fundamentals of our new Governance Model with an updated Policy Book that will be available for the congregation to access.

Two examples of policy redevelopment came about as a result of changes happening within the congregation.

With an increase in requests to host funerals at Trinity, an ad hoc team was appointed by the Board to look at the existing funeral policy.  This team’s work is almost completed and will be presented to the Board for approval.

In response to needs arising from a variety of marginalized groups who use our grounds for temporary accommodation, a second ad hoc team was appointed to look at what is feasible in terms of offering our space as a place of radical hospitality.

The Board continues as well to work in conjunction with the Trustees and Ministry and Personnel Team

Both these teams have offered the Board tremendous support during this period of transition.

Our Treasurer David Green, has been busy developing a new financial reporting format.

Watch for an upcoming fireside chat for the reveal.

Fall signals the start of a new year of activities for Trinity.

We look forward to celebrating the numerous ways our two stated goals around mission and ministry (Spiritual Renewal and Relationship Building across the Generations)  are already being lived out on the ground here at Trinity.

Our Ministry Team tell us in the coming weeks there will be  a number of new opportunities to test these out as well, beginning with Welcome Back Sunday on September 23rd.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free as always to speak to any of the Board members.

In Christian fellowship,

Carol Kopp

Trinity Board Chair