SOGI Inclusive Education

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Today in Children’s Church, the children made “gifts” for Jesus out of playdoh, in response to the story, “The Three Wise Women”. The gifts included LOVE, more gold, a decent roof, fresh hay, a dog, a blanket, a couch, a bowl of noodles, and some other indiscernible but generous gifts. In everything, they offered the gift of friendship.

6th Vernon Scouts – 65 Years

The 6th Vernon Cub and Scout troop received their certificate from Scouts Canada to operate in 2108, marking 65 years as a sponsored project of Trinity United, Vernon. This was celebrated as part of worship in the Sunday morning service.

Ever Evolving Youth Energy!

I was fortunate enough to attend the Evolve youth conference Nov 11-14 with three amazing youth.  Accompanying me was Katherine Taylor, Cassidy Delaney and Devin Crossley-Deere who is a close friend of Cassidy’s. The youth represented our community so well and really allowed themselves to settle in and absorb all that was offered at the conference, I was very proud to be the leader connected to them.  The theme of the weekend was evolve.just.chill. with an emphasis on meditative practices,…

Young Families Potluck

On Sunday Feb 28th the Children, Youth and Family team hosted a potluck for young family’s. It was a great success with 14 adults and 12 children in attendance. Laughs were plentiful, stories were shared, great conversation and delicious food were enjoyed by all in attendance. The direction of the evening was to find out how we can continue to be welcoming to new members of the congregation. We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future.…