Goodbye and Thank you from Ena Mori

Goodbye and Thank you from Ena Mori

Good-Bye and Thank you – 

I will be moving to Calgary September 15 to be closer to family.  For 16 years I have been blessed with the friendship and support of the members and staff at Trinity and for that I thank you.  Your kindness and love especially during this year of my grief for my husband has been very much appreciated.  In addition to the extreme circumstances that we have all had to deal with during the Covid-19 crises, may your faith and hope for the future continue to be strong.  Trinity members are so talented and giving of their time it has been wonderful to share the love of Jesus with you.  I will cherish the memories and the many blessings.  Thank you!

Wishing wellness to All!  Stay safe!

Love and Hugs,

Ena Mori