Governance at Trinity

Governance at Trinity

Each Year at the Annual Congregational Meeting, elections are held for positions in Trinity’s governance system.
Trinity’s governance system includes members of the Church Board, the Personnel Team, the Board of Trustees , as well as the Chair and Secretary of the Congregation. Also this year, we will be seeking two representatives for the new Pacific Region that will be replacing our original members to Kamloops Okanagan Presbytery.

This year, elections will be held for the following positions:
Chair of the Congregation
Secretary of the Congregation
Personnel Team – one
Pacific Region Representatives – two

In preparation for the Annual Congregational Meeting, the Church Board establishes a Candidate Selection Team to interview candidates for the vacant positions and prepare a Nominations Report for the meeting. All candidates must be interviewed by the Candidates Selection Team prior to being nominated for election.

At present, candidates have been identified for the following positions: Chair and Secretary of the Congregation. We are still seeking candidates for one Personnel Team member and two area representatives for the new Pacific Region.

What to do if you are interested in being considered for election to one of these positions:
Prayerfully consider the gifts and skills outlined for the position in the descriptions that follow, and the ways your gifts and and skills might be a good match
Contact one of the members of the Candidate Selection Team to arrange an interview. Members of the team are:
Carol Kopp Trinity Board Chair
Marie Tambellini, Trinity Board Member

Note that while church membership is a requirement for most – but not all – positions, active participation in the life of the Trinity congregation – including regular participation in Sunday worship – is an expectation for all positions. Members of Trinity’s governance system are expected to be familiar with, and committed to, Trinity’s Mission Vision, and Values.

Description of Trinity Leadership Roles

The Personnel Team
The Personnel Team is made up of three to five members. Members are elected at the Annual Congregational Meeting for three year terms and can serve for two consecutive terms. To be eligible , you must be a full member of the congregation.
The Personnel Team’s role is to work with the Lead Minister to ensure that Trinity has the best workplace culture and policies possible. The Personnel Team develops policies and is responsible for helping to ensure that Trinity complies with employment laws and regulations. The Personnel Team works on behalf of the Board to support and evaluate the work of the Lead Minister,

Pacific Region Representatives
This new structure replaces Presbytery and is part of the National United Church Restructuring Program. As a congregation we have been asked to elect two representatives from our congregation to represent us at gatherings for this new region. Expectations for these new positions are still unfolding.
However, we are assuming expectations would be similar to those for former Presbytery representatives. To be eligible you must be a full member of the congregation. Representatives are expected to attend and participate in meetings as they arise. Pacific Region representatives should have an interest in the wider Church and its mission and should be willing to actively represent Trinity as well as to regularly report on the work of the Pacific Region to the congregation.