In Person Again!

In Person Again!

Hello, I`m Robin Jacobson speaking from the middle of our very empty Church sanctuary here at the Trinity United Church in Vernon, BC.

Our Board has decided to open our doors this Sunday for the first in-person worship gathering for SOOOOO long, and you are invited!

While we understand that the Province has made worship events like this exempt from all ordinary Provincial Health Orders covering Covid, we are still wanting to be as safe as possible. And so, if you are able to come, and are in fact considering doing so, we respect that this is a big decision.

Also, please know that for those who do decide to gather:

  • We will be limiting contact by, e.g., not offering tea or coffee after the service and encouraging folks to move fairly quickly through common areas
  • We will have opportunities to register your name and phone number in case we need contact tracing
  • Our expectation is that folks will stay home of they are unwell.
  • Our expectation is also that all will either be vaccinated or else wearing a mask. In fact, we are encouraging mask wearing for all people at all times, and especially when singing (and yes, there will be singing)
  • Our large sanctuary has capacity for comfortable social distancing and so we are expecting us all to spread out and fill it with good safe spaces between us.

We are, of course, delighted to continue offering offer on-line worship to all those who worship online. We dearly value your participation.

But having said all of that, this is still to be our first gathering for in-person worship for SOOO long, and, after all this time apart, that is pretty exciting. And so, if you are able, and if you are comfortabledoing so, we look forward to worshipping our God in person with you.

See you Sunday.