In-person Worship

In-person Worship

UPDATE November 18: By Provincial Health directive our in person worship is suspended effective today. This is part of a Province wide action to contain Covid 19.

I announced last week how our Church Board has decided it’s time for us to begin in-person worship meetings again on Sunday mornings.

This will be on a trial basis for the month of October where we will be offering two services, at 9.30am and 11.00am.

It will be very different from what we know with all necessary safety protocols in place, and while some may not be comfortable with coming together so soon
(or it may not even be appropriate for others because of health or other vulnerability concerns)
…we do feel that we need to try.

We are only allowing 35 congregation at one time and will be keeping a registry for contact tracing if necessary.

Please go to our website to register if you intend to come, or phone Jillian in the church office if you’d like some help in registering.

We will, of course, be continuing to post our online worship service as before.

When you arrive you will be met by two hosts standing outside to welcome you.

They will also remind you to wear a mask and offer a station for you to wash your hands.

We’ll enter the building by the two doors on the right and, keeping right, be guided through the narthex by two other hosts, to enter the sanctuary through the two side doors marked for entry.

Another two hosts inside the sanctuary will show you where you may be seated in order to maintain a safe social distance.

You be asked to remain masked and seated all through the service and will be asked please not to sing.

Afterwards, hosts will guide the congregation out through two exits where there will be an opportunity to make a retiring offering.

Friends, we are wanting to worship God together, but also to be as safe as possible.

May I ask for us all to be as patient with one another as we do our best to work out just how best to do that, trusting that God is still ahead of us and at least God knows exactly what God is doing.

We look really looking forward to seeing you, even if over your mask, and so please don’t forget to register.

Rev. Robin Jacobson