What is Maranatha (or ‘Marana Tha’)?

This Aramaic word used in the bible is usually defined as “Come Lord.” But as a group of Trinity people met and discussed this on a recent Saturday morning, it can mean much more.

The Group

On November 30th about 50 Trinity people gathered in the chapel to explore what a Maranatha Group might be. This arose from an invitation from Rev. Robin Jacobson, who led the gathering. We chewed over some big questions, like “why does church exist” and “what stops us from hearing God.” There was a rich exchange. No simple answers. BUT it felt like a conversation that ought to continue.


Monthly meetings / Bi-annual retreats / A readiness to RISK as we embrace the sharing & shedding of our masks, exposing our vulnerabilities.

No executive purpose other than to be an indirect influence into community: Yeast in the lump whose only purpose is to leaven the lump/ Furnace in a ship whose only purpose is to generate energy for movement.

Our role is to grow in God-sensitivity and expectation as we listen and discern what all this means. That requires us to learn to let go of barriers that get in the way, stopping us from doing that.

What is next?

Another meeting is planned for January. Robin explained that the group will be fluid, with people free to join or leave as they feel is right for them.

Do you feel like you might be like yeast? Come experience Maranatha.