Social Justice is a Christian practise Trinity takes seriously.

community garden

Act Locally

Watch for the various events where we act locally. This includes things like:

  • our food bank, a part of the Neighbourlink foodbanks in our city.
  • support for Howard House Society recovery facility;
  • support for Woman’s Transition House;
  • support for The Upper Room Mission in Vernon;
  • knitting program in local schools;
  • raised bed community gardens.

Knowing Our Neighbours

We support work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in our community. We support the Emergency Food Action Network (EFAN). We engage with community organizations to understand and help in issues of poverty and addictions.

We participate in the Vernon Interfaith group.

Act Globally

Watch for events where we act, usually with partners, to care for those in need in the World. This includes:

  • Refugee Support;
  • Foodgrains Bank;
  • Romanian Orphanage;
  • Tanzanian Sewing centre.