Pacific Mountain Region Council

Pacific Mountain Region Council

May 30 to June 2, 2019

Robin Jacobson, Betty Chenoweth and Maxine Coffey, went to the first ever Pacific Mountain Region Council. This was the first meeting held after Presbyteries and BC Conference where disbanded. If you recall, the old four Court (or administrative) levels were changed to three court system. Now we have; Communities of Faith, (Trinity United Church, Vernon), Pacific Mountain Region (BC, Whitehorse and Banff) and Denomination (the National Body).

We started on Thursday evening with a welcoming ceremony by the Hereditary Chief Marilyn Gabriel. Her son Kevin and husband Michael gave us a first-hand exposure to Residential Schools and the healing which needs to be done. They told us to “Take a healthy risk, be kind to everyone, and to listen to everything this weekend. Jay Olsen, our past BC Conference President, also welcomed us. She reminded us that First United Church in Kelowna was the first Presbytery formed in August 1925 after the  June 1925 Act of Parliament which created the United Church.

To end our first evening together over the 400 attendees participated in worship and Communion as we set ourselves to start the work of the Council.

On Friday after singing and worship we elected Jay Olsen as presiding chair until her position was ratified later in the proceedings.

We participated in a Right Relations time with Indigenous People and were informed of the two bodies who will oversee the relationship. Ray Jones. Beverly Brown and Lawrence Ray Sankay started ‘our long journey from mind to heart’. There are two groups who exist together; the New Indigenous Elders Council and the New Indigenous Organization. Members of these organizations are elected officials and representatives of these two groups participated with us in all our deliberations and voting. Again we were reminded that in 2012 the United Church of Canada redid our logo with one of the four portions being coloured red to signify our collaboration with Indigenous peoples.

The stage was therefore set for us to start the business of voting on proposals that the Transitional Commission set up for us. The Commission made up of named people wrote the Policies which, along with the UCC Manuel, we, Pacific Mountain Region will use to guide us as we proceed. This was the dry stuff as we had to listen to the formal Proposals, and then discuss then in Knee Groups. These groups were four people who discussed the policies and submitted feedback to a working group, who, went through them all and came back to us with the amended Proposals for our vote. Knee groups, though hard to start up, were very effective in generating excellent feedback for the transition team.

I have written up all the proposals and what transpired in a hard copy report. Basically we accepted the Policy Governance Model to be used as a frame of reference for the Pacific Mountain Regional Council Executive. These are the rules to be followed between Council meetings and for the Executive to be able to legally function.

After knee groups and lively discussion we passed that the President Elect will be for a one year term, the president for two years and the past president for one year. Then we elected our President to be Jay Olsen (until 2020) and incoming President Blair Odney (to start June 2020). We elected a 13 member Regional Executive Council to operate on our behalf between Council meetings. We will also meet every year for the next three years in order to see where we are and what we need to do to continue our work.

Graham Brownmiller gave us a report on General Council and told us how Denomination the nation body will be structured. Alan Hall and Debbie Richards from Denomination give us a brief overview of what is happening nationally.

In order for us to get a bit of a glimpse on who does what, questions from the floor were put to a panel and the correct person would answer. For us we have a New Executive Minister, Treena Duncan, taking over from Doug Goodwin.

Even though this was the first meeting the Pacific Mountain Regional Council Reports and Agenda was 89 pages long. We heard reports from Pastoral Relations, the Archivist and everyday had singing and worship.

On two lighter notes at this Council meeting our own Blair Odney received his ordination. Also Franklin James received his ordination. This happened at the final worship service on Sunday. I took communion from Blair and Betty from Franklin. What a pleasure that was. We also still have Allison Rennie as our Regional Executive Minister

Our full report will be made available in hard copy and on Trinities Website. Robin, Betty and I would be pleased to answer any questions you have. We are very excited about the future of our Church.

Proposals for the PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL meeting Langley BC 2019

2019-01PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL Governance for Such a Time


  1. The Pacific Mountain Regional Council affirm the use of the Policy Governance Model;
  3. The PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL direct the Regional Executive to undertake a review of the policy Governance model and report back to the 2021 PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL General meeting


2019-02 ENDS: Where are we going?

That the PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL affirms the ENDS Statement and forward them to the first Regional Executive for further development and implementation.


2019-03 The Body-Together as One


  1. The PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL meet annually for the next three (3) years (2020-2022)
  2. The Regional Executive determines the most effective way to gather in order to fulfil our ENDS policies and requirements of the Manual.
  3. And that a proposal for the future frequency and style of meetings be presented to the PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL GM 2022.


2019-04 Presidents Now and In the Future


  1. The PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL elect as President the Rev. Jay Olson as President until June 2020.
  2. Elect Blair Odney as President starting June 2020
  3. The term of President shift to a four year term (1 year as President elect and 3 years as President) starting 2020



That the PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL begin the process of becoming an Affirming Ministry within the United Church of Canada in accordance with the requirements established by Affirm United.



New Proposals to be reworded and presented at 2020 PACIFIC MOUNTAIN REGIONAL COUNCIL.

2019-06         L’Arche Community enhanced Partnership

2019-07         Living Out Calls to be Church. That 10% of Property sale to be given to Indigenous community

2019-08         They missed this number

2019-09         Reinstitution of Youth Vote


Jay Olson, President

Blair Odney, President Elect

Treena Duncan, Executive Minister

Jim Argus
Catherine Brittain
Beverly Brown
Richard Chung
Anna Chambers
Jake Highfield
Laura Hermakin
Robert Fillier
Jennie Carter
Peter Jones