Karen Neufeld

Karen Neufeld

Karen is passionate about making music that communicates heart to heart; music that connects us to each other, to our deepest Self and to God.

Karen’s had many years as a professional accompanist, piano teacher and church music director. She’s also run a Kindermusik studio, igniting the joy of music with infant through seven year olds and their adults. She’s deeply committed to keeping the spark of Life alive within children.

She’s classically (and theologically) trained, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying and dabbling in all kinds of music! She likes to dance, too.

At Trinity, she loves conducting the choir, playing for worship, adding all sorts of instrumentalists to the mix and making music with kids and families. She’s also dreaming up new ways of enlivening music within the congregation and the Vernon community.

Want in on the joy? Give her a call or send an email. She’d love to talk to you.

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