Refuge Team Update – Sept 2016

Refuge Team Update – Sept 2016

We have had a very busy and rewarding summer.

First family

On July 12, at the Kelowna airport, we welcomed Trinity’s first family, Paridokht “Pari” and her son Martin after they had travelled for more than 36 hours from Turkey.

Pari and Martin are sponsored under the B V O R (Blended Visa Office Referred) program. This is a shared sponsorship with the federal government, under which they receive financial support (equivalent to provincial social allowance) for their first six months from the Federal Refugee Assistance Program, and we will provide financial support for the next six months, as well as all social supports for the sponsorship year.

Pari and Martin are living in a central Vernon condo, both attend English language classes at Vernon Immigrant Services daily, and Martin is enrolled in math upgrading at Okanagan College in Vernon. They are settling well into life in their new country and community.

The City of Vernon gave each of them passes, for the Recreation Centre, (aquatic centre and fitness gym), as well bus passes for one year. We appreciate this support from the city and the passes are being well used.

We also appreciate the warm welcome Pari and Martin have been given by the people of Trinity and the wider Vernon community.

Second family

Our team and our second family, Noura and her daughters Madelene and Claire, continue to anxiously wait for their travel date to Canada.

We are regularly in touch with Madelene and Claire, by email, in English. All three were important contributors to Syrian society, Noura, an elementary school teacher, Madelene, a computer engineer and Claire an MD specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

They look forward to bringing their interests and skills and participating in Vernon life.

Their applications are moving through the process but we do not expect their arrival until 2017.

They are privately sponsored which means we will be responsible for all of their support, financial and social, for one year following their arrival in Canada.