Refugee Team update – May 1, 2016

Refugee Team update – May 1, 2016

Vernon has welcomed it’s first Syrian family. Yussef and Fauda Alfaauri, and their five children, came to Vernon, in mid April, and are Government Sponsored Refugees.  The Canadian government will support them financially, for up to one year, under the federal Resettlement Assistance Program. Under this program they receive the same support as someone receiving social assistance (welfare) in B.C.

A group called Friends Without Borders are assisting the family with social support, helping with things that anyone new to Canada and Vernon would need, especially when everything is in a new language …for example .…where and how to buy groceries, registering for school, how to use public transport and attending English language classes at Vernon Immigrant Services.

Kate and Gord Sladen, and their grandsons, moved and set up a whole house with furniture that Trinity had received for refugees. There is enough furniture left for the two families that Trinity will support.

Trinity’s first family is mother, Pari, and son, Abtin. We understand that their application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada is now on step 4 of 5, with 5 being arrival in Canada. We hope they will be here soon and are getting ready.

They are being sponsored under the BVOR, (the Blended Visa Office Referred) Program. This means that they will receive 6 months of financial support from the federal government under the Resettlement Assistance Program and TUC will support them for 6 months, for a total of one year, or less if they are able to support themselves sooner. We will offer all social support.

They are currently in Ankara Turkey, where they have been for over 3 years.

We are in regular contact by email. Abtin speaks, reads and writes English and tells us that he loves to learn languages. Mom. Pari, speaks Farsi but is looking forward to attending English language classes.

Appropriate, affordable housing is very limited in Vernon, but we did receive an offer of a 2 bedroom condo, in a very central location. We took possession of it, May 1, and will begin moving in and setting it up soon.

Our second family Noura Deeb, Claire and Madeline Thomas’s application, to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, is working its way through the process, but we do not expect to welcome them to Vernon until late 2016. We continue to be in touch by email.

When we developed budgets for both of our families we did include money that was pledged to the fund, for their support.

We will gratefully receive your donation, either monthly or as a lump sum to the refugee fund.

The Refugee Team