Worship Services

Worship Services

Do You Groan?

Holy groaning is a freedom offered and given to us as a way to express our faith and human experience.

Jesus’ Healing Presence

This week’s scripture reading is full, rich, and far too nuanced for us to do any kind of justice to it in just one sitting, but we can start, and do so curious to discover where it will lead us.

Crazy in God’s Beautiful World

This world of ours is wonderful, as Louis Armstrong sang it, filled with beautiful nature and with good people and with kindness and respect, and love, it truly is. But it’s also so desperately fraught

Trinity Sunday

And so, why the Trinity? Why is it so important that we, as Christ-followers, believe with all our hearts that we are called to hold this difficult and mysterious doctrine as one of the foundation stones of our faith?

Mother’s Day 2021

We grow into the joyful & abundant life that Jesus teaches as we allow ourselves not to get stuck in any of the more immature stages of our faith.