Worship Services (Page 3)

Worship Services (Page 3)

The live stream of Sunday’s service will begin about 5 minutes before 10 am. If it seems stuck, try to refresh your browser. You can also go to the  YouTube Channel .


Peace – this word means: SHALOM, describing a state of wholeness where it’s the bringing back into order that which has been shattered – lost in disorder!


Biblical ‘hope’ (elpis) is not so much about what we may be wanting as about our expectation of what God has promised.

Moses and Me

We do so by choosing also to face and overcome our fear of whatever complacent inertia is stopping others from knowing and living into who and what they actually are.

Walking On Water

like those disciples in the stormy dark, we’re forced to face some really rough circumstances… That’s just when today’s text suggests Jesus shows up!