Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Fathers and God’s Joy

Rev. Liz introduces the story of Abraham and Sarah. The we hear testimonials from each of Betty Chenoweth and Helen Brandt to expand on that theme. Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-8.

Trinity Sunday

As we celebrate our ongoing need to grapple with the doctrine of the Trinity dating back to its inception some 300 years after Jesus walked the earth, my fond prayer is that we might risk daring to re-visit the topic anew.

“I am the True Vine”

I want to challenge you to be open to thinking and acting in new ways, including being more attentive to your relationships with Jesus through God and how they inform your faith life and your ministries.

Don’t Be Afraid

As many of you may know, we, in the United Church, are free to use a variety of resources when preparing liturgical prayers. One of my personal favourite resources however, especially for high holy days such as we are celebrating today, is a resource entitled “Celebrate God’s Presence”. One of the prayers suggested as an invitation to communion commonly used at Easter feels most apt this morning as we celebrate the story of the resurrection.   Here’s how it goes: “Don’t…

Palm Sunday

Once there was a man who said and did such amazing things people began to follow him everywhere. They followed him up and down mountainsides, river valleys, and into cities in the surrounding regions of ancient Palestine. They followed him from the Jordan River to Caesarea Philippi in Galilee, and to the Holy City of Jerusalem. In their wanderings together, they witnessed God’s healing and transformative love in and through the person of Jesus, the Christ. Together, they broke and…

New Ministries Yet to be Born

I don’t know about you, but I find the older I get, the more fearful I become. This, of course, is born of some recent experiences over the last decade or so. Experiences like tripping over my own feet and then learning to live with the inconvenience and pain of a broken ankle, a sprained arm, a swollen toe, or a fractured wrist; all these things have taught me well how to be in relationship with family, friends, and sometimes…