Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark

Children’s Sunday

Our job? To show up, be present, be persistent in our prayers, wait patiently and attentively, with curiosity, endurance, gratitude, and grace for all that God has done and will do for us in this time and in this place. And to say ‘yes’ when the time seems right.

God’s Relentless Invitation

God’s relentless invitation to sign on in new and innovative ways to be about the collaborative work of engaging with a living, loving God; one who desperately needs us to show up and to walk the talk of healing and wholeness.

Don’t Be Afraid

As many of you may know, we, in the United Church, are free to use a variety of resources when preparing liturgical prayers. One of my personal favourite resources however, especially for high holy days such as we are celebrating today, is a resource entitled “Celebrate God’s Presence”. One of the prayers suggested as an invitation to communion commonly used at Easter feels most apt this morning as we celebrate the story of the resurrection.   Here’s how it goes: “Don’t…

Fork in the Road

Last week, our gospel passage provided us with three snapshots of pivotal points in Jesus’ life. We began with Jesus’ baptism in the river Jordan. Then came his commissioning into the wilderness for 40 days. Soon after, we found Jesus back home in Galilee claiming his life’s purpose as the embodiment of God’s gracious and compassionate love. We also witnessed his proclamation to repent and to believe the good news that God’s kingdom had come near. Along with that, we…

A Dog-eared Photograph

I have a dog-eared photograph on my fridge door back home in Vancouver. It’s a picture of me with my family taken on the occasion of my baptism. In the snapshot, I’m all of three weeks old, dressed in a lovely white christening gown, and held lovingly in the arms of my Auntie Maggie. Next to her in the picture is my mother and behind us are two important men in my life at the time-my Dad and my Uncle…

Healing Hospitality

In this season of Epiphany, this season of light in the snow-bound winter darkness, we have here at TUC been offered through the worship leaders that have stepped forward diverse , engaging and always challenging invitations to be God’s people. We have heard invitations that cast light in the shadows, light for the way ahead, guiding our way, no matter the journey, as our prayer of illumination for Epiphany season expresses. Today this light is centered in the example and…

Hope – Meditation

Maybe you too, like the author of Isaiah, have been so fed up with the world around you, the way things seem to be, that in complete exasperation you have shook your fist at the heavens and declared “Oh, that you would rip open the heavens and descend!”
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