Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

Wasted Talents

TRINITY UNITED CHURCH: NOVEMBER 19, 2023 SUMMARY: WASTED TALENTS Matthew 25:4-30 We really do need to stop burying what we’ve been given. Our reading, from Matthew 25:14- 30, is complex. It is easily misunderstood as we wrestle to get what Jesus may be saying. Just what are we to understand from this? Where is there possibly something good for us to hear? Notice who Jesus was speaking to, and what he was actually speaking about: he was speaking to his disciples about what life…

Paying of taxes to Caesar

PAYING OF TAXES TO CAESAR (Matthew 22:15-22) We, as a faith community of Christ followers, are intended to be living in a way that is different from the so-called ‘world’. Jesus was truly counter-cultural. He was so then, and he is still no less so now – in every part of the world where he is followed today. To follow Jesus – and the way of Jesus – is to be part of a lifelong journey of counter-cultural transformation which…


God is totally unfair – in terms of God’s economy, God’s way of doing things – totally unfair!


Most of our everyday choices are not between what is clearly and totally good or clearly and totally bad but, instead, lie within various complicated shades of grey

Walking On Water

like those disciples in the stormy dark, we’re forced to face some really rough circumstances… That’s just when today’s text suggests Jesus shows up!

Great Commission – Trinity Sunday

‘The Great Commission’ is about Jesus telling us NOT to be silent! We have our instructions: May God’s smiling on us be the result of our good and faithful response to all of what Christ instructed those 1000s of years ago, and what he still so clearly instructs today – that our lives come to model all of the loving justice, compassion and healing hope that Our Trinity God intends, the Redeeming Christ has secured, and the Empowering Holy Spirit has sealed for us all.

The Temptation of Christ

Summary Today’s passage (Matthew 4:1-11) reveals for us both the nature of temptation and the wiles of how we are led into temptation. Temptation draws from what we know – in Christ’s case it was his own authority as well as his deep knowledge of scripture – but then twists those things in our minds towards some toxic, nefarious end for which they were certainly not intended. There’s the Tempter’s straw man argument of ‘…if you are…then…’ To which Christ’s…