Sermons by Rev. Alice Hanson

Sermons by Rev. Alice Hanson

Healing Hospitality

In this season of Epiphany, this season of light in the snow-bound winter darkness, we have here at TUC been offered through the worship leaders that have stepped forward diverse , engaging and always challenging invitations to be God’s people. We have heard invitations that cast light in the shadows, light for the way ahead, guiding our way, no matter the journey, as our prayer of illumination for Epiphany season expresses. Today this light is centered in the example and…

Hope – Meditation

Maybe you too, like the author of Isaiah, have been so fed up with the world around you, the way things seem to be, that in complete exasperation you have shook your fist at the heavens and declared “Oh, that you would rip open the heavens and descend!”

Wheat & Weeds

Here the sower calls us all together, mixed bag and all, into the ministry that is Christ-like, in the life of the church and for the sake of the world.