Sermons by Rev. Robin Jacobson

Sermons by Rev. Robin Jacobson

Easter: Resurrection!

Mark 16:1-8  Those poor women are described in Mark’s Gospel as having been ‘Greatly Astonished! ‘Trembling’, ‘Bewildered’ ‘Afraid!’ and who can blame them? Utterly discombobulated! What were they to make of this? What are we to make of this? All they were wanting to do that morning was simply anoint the dead body of someone whom they had deeply loved, and followed, but for whom everything had seemed finished by that ghastly Good Friday tragedy, and that’s when they made…

Tenebrae Thursday

A service remembering the night Jesus was betrayed and put on trial. Tenebrae (Latin ‘darkness’) refers to the extinguishing of light – in our case, candles.

Palm Sunday

This Palm Sunday morning as we wave our palm branches, our prayer is that our Hosannas would be the result of our having glimpsed the truth of who Jesus REALLY is


Peace – this word means: SHALOM, describing a state of wholeness where it’s the bringing back into order that which has been shattered – lost in disorder!


Biblical ‘hope’ (elpis) is not so much about what we may be wanting as about our expectation of what God has promised.