Sermons by Rev. Robin Jacobson

Sermons by Rev. Robin Jacobson

Cost of Discipleship

It always costs us to be the one prepared to lose face by apologising first, make the first move, the first to blink, first to reach out, show we care, make the call!


Thank God for ‘Transfiguration’ moments like this one, glimpses we are given that, despite whatever is going on, do blow open our awareness to expose what is almost most real, all the time.

Living God’s Reality

The point is that Jesus’ teachings aren’t so much about some impossible ideal as about describing God’s only true way for us in the world, and in this text we find Jesus teaching something of  what our living in this God-created reality actually looks like.

Jesus Rejected!

leaving me with a renewed sense of hope! Hope. It reminds me of how Christ’s presence is never limited just to my very small and self-serving agendas.

Wine From Water

Notice how instead of talking about Jesus turning water into wine, I guess what I’m suggesting here is that this miracle should be seen as Jesus drawing that wine out from the water.