Sermons by Rev. Robin Jacobson

Sermons by Rev. Robin Jacobson

Wine From Water

Notice how instead of talking about Jesus turning water into wine, I guess what I’m suggesting here is that this miracle should be seen as Jesus drawing that wine out from the water.

Setting Lazarus Free

Even as we embrace our role as the saints that are called to unbind others, or at least to stop being the ones who are unhelpfully binding them into their too soon places of death.

Like Bartimaeus, wanting to see!

To what extent, like Bartimaeus on the side of that road, are you aware and just sick of being blinded by so much in your personal or community life-experience – distorting and darkening your vision?

Jesus’ Healing Presence

This week’s scripture reading is full, rich, and far too nuanced for us to do any kind of justice to it in just one sitting, but we can start, and do so curious to discover where it will lead us.

Crazy in God’s Beautiful World

This world of ours is wonderful, as Louis Armstrong sang it, filled with beautiful nature and with good people and with kindness and respect, and love, it truly is. But it’s also so desperately fraught