Sermons by Rev. Robin Jacobson

Sermons by Rev. Robin Jacobson

Wasted Talents

TRINITY UNITED CHURCH: NOVEMBER 19, 2023 SUMMARY: WASTED TALENTS Matthew 25:4-30 We really do need to stop burying what we’ve been given. Our reading, from Matthew 25:14- 30, is complex. It is easily misunderstood as we wrestle to get what Jesus may be saying. Just what are we to understand from this? Where is there possibly something good for us to hear? Notice who Jesus was speaking to, and what he was actually speaking about: he was speaking to his disciples about what life…

Paying of taxes to Caesar

PAYING OF TAXES TO CAESAR (Matthew 22:15-22) We, as a faith community of Christ followers, are intended to be living in a way that is different from the so-called ‘world’. Jesus was truly counter-cultural. He was so then, and he is still no less so now – in every part of the world where he is followed today. To follow Jesus – and the way of Jesus – is to be part of a lifelong journey of counter-cultural transformation which…


God is totally unfair – in terms of God’s economy, God’s way of doing things – totally unfair!


That’s what Biblical Lamentation does. It moves us from a place of appropriate and necessary venting and complaint to conversation and request, and finally to a place of trust and calm.

Christ’s Witnesses

Acts 17:22-31 We have two readings today. The first, just one verse, describes our purpose as Christ-followers and how we are empowered to do so.

Suffering Love

We are looking today at a very powerful, but I believe often missed, pearl of our faith: the suffering love of Jesus Christ.