Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith


Summary There’s fellow who was crossing the iced river – terrified – down on all fours – when a cart laden with lumber hauled by 6 great galloping Clydesdales came bursting out of the undergrowth, and onto the ice! The point is that the thickness of the ice had nothing to do with the depth of his faith. All his faith could do is decide is how confidently he was going to be making the crossing. That, in a sense,…

Looking for the Light

Every synagogue has a Ner Tamid, an Eternal Light that hangs somewhere above the Ark, where the Torah is kept. But the synagogue where I grew up in Phoenix was special. It had two Eternal Lights: one soft, glowing, golden one set high up in the towering Ark, and a bigger, brighter one like a traveler’s lamp that hung from the ceiling. We got the bigger one because people who visited our synagogue kept complaining that we didn’t have a…

Christ Comes to Us

If every time we gathered in this sanctuary we knew, with some level of confidence if not certainty, that the risen Christ was really present, not just as an idea or source of inspiration, but really present like on the Emmaus road.

Simple Faith

God is bigger than our science, and God is bigger than our theorizing about God, and we must not let those things — our thoughts and categories — blind us to what God is doing among us.

A Good Word From the Cross

The cross reminds us that we are not called to self-sufficiency, and we are not called to worldly success. We are called to solidarity with the God who meets us on the cross in Jesus.

A Little Faith is Enough

We can bring our questions, we can bring our challenges, but then the other side of the bargain here is that we also need to be willing to listen to what Scripture has to say to us.

Song of Faith, Song of Hope

This is my final Sunday with you as your Sabbatical minister and I want to say how much the last four months have meant to me, and what an honour it has been to be with you. I have been warmly welcomed by everyone and have had engaging conversations with many of you. While I was not a stranger to this congregation before May, I have certainly gotten to know you much better over this summer, and I count that…


In the 1950s Disney movie Pollyanna Karl Malden plays a fire and brimstone preacher. In a scene that holds a certain appeal for me at least, we see him climbing into a high pulpit, taking a deep breadth and then thundering out at the congregation, “Death comes unexpectedly.” He proceeds to deliver a fire and brimstone sermon that could have been inspired by this morning’s scripture passage. “I came to bring fire to the earth and how I wish it…


The Book of Hebrews, from which today’s text comes, is in the form of a sermon, written to encourage the early Christian community of Jerusalem, which was suffering severely under Roman persecution. The timing is very likely a scant year or two before the first Jewish/Roman war, which culminated in the year 70 with the destruction of the city and the Temple that stood at the centre of the Judean religion. This text was written to give strength and support…

I saw Satan fall from the Sky like Lightening

Last week our text outlined the challenges that face those who follow Jesus. This week we continue reading in Luke’s gospel as he recounts Jesus’ instructions to the seventy followers he sends out. Jesus says there is a plentiful harvest, but does that mean that the people they meet are a crop to be picked, put in a basket and sold? I’m not sure.

A Road Trip

As we look back to the story of Abraham and Sarah, and the story of the meeting Jesus on the road, we think of our “road trip.”

Releasing Our Grip

What Jesus is calling us to is a radical trust, a willingness to accept that we may not know what is best, for ourselves or for others, but that God does.