Sermons from December 2015

Sermons from December 2015

God Comes as a Baby

This Christmas, this story, invites you to kneel at the manger, to welcome the baby, to choose love instead of fear, to be a light in the darkness, that the world might be healed.

Saying Yes to God

Well friends, we’ve made it! We’ve made it to the fourth and final Sunday in the season of Advent. Our waiting is almost over. Almost. This morning’s sermon will wrap up our exploration of the theme we have been following throughout Advent, “Do not be afraid.” We’ve been looking at some of our fears, and at God’s promises in the midst of our fears; God’s words of encouragement, Do not be afraid. Over the Sundays of Advent, our Scripture readings…

Making Peace

We are continuing this week our Advent theme of “Do not be afraid,” exploring our fears and God’s continued call to us of, “Do not be afraid.”