Sermons from 2016

Sermons from 2016

Unprepared for Christmas

Well, here we are in church on Christmas eve. Gathered together to hear once again this most precious story, about a most precious baby, whose birth and life—and later, whose death and resurrection—reveal to us the preciousness of all life. That we are here in church on Christmas Eve—stopping to hear the story, to sing favourite carols, and to share in the wonder of this night with friends and family, loved ones, neighbours, and strangers—that we are able to do…

Emmanuel, God With Us

The story of Joseph, and his willingness to have his life upended in the service of love; to risk mockery and the disapproval of his mates as the cost of standing up for the vulnerable and unprotected; to put his whole life in the service of what God is trying to do in the world—this story is another invitation to us.

What Are We Waiting For?

Think of something you can do that lets you step out of practices that reinforce boundaries and privilege, and into practices that challenge those kinds of boundaries.

An Unwelcome Guest

No wonder we don’t like Advent! Especially at this time of the year! We want to cosy up by the fire, and this reading seems to send us out into the cold, icy blast of a blizzard.

Good Shepherd, Crucified King

Well, that was a lot of reading for today. All four Scriptures set out for the Reign of Christ Sunday. We don’t usually do this: we usually limit it to one or two readings. Today, you know what it feels like to be an Anglican, being served up the full feast of Scripture selections! That’s not why I chose to do this—to make you feel like Anglicans for the day. It’s just that this Reign of Christ Sunday is something…


Many of us, many of our friends, family members, colleagues, here as well as across the United States, are still reeling in shock from the outcome of Tuesday’s elections in the U.S.

“Blessings And Woes”

When I studied this passage from Luke I found it a challenging and perplexing one. It starts off well, saying the marginalized in society are blessed. It fits with my views on social justice. But the next part, well, I have to say it unsettled me. Woe to you who are rich, who are full, who are happy and who are spoken well of. Wait a minute…He’s talking about me! But I’m rich because I work hard. Because I work…

Who Can Be Saved?

Maybe we all need the kind of experience that Zacchaeus had, where Jesus shows up in our lives, invites himself into our homes and to our tables, and gives us some work to do in the world.


We buzz around in the hectic mess of today’s world judging what we have or don’t have from an outside, or surface, perspective. We have it backwards.

“A Scripture-Formed People”

Paying attention to: mediation, wrestling with the text and setting it in context; sorting out what the text is calling us to do today; and always being willing to acknowledge the authority of the text, even when that is a struggle for us.

“We Need You”

“We need you.” We need those outside to help us remember our story, and to encourage us to live it again.

A Little Faith is Enough

We can bring our questions, we can bring our challenges, but then the other side of the bargain here is that we also need to be willing to listen to what Scripture has to say to us.

Song of Faith, Song of Hope

This is my final Sunday with you as your Sabbatical minister and I want to say how much the last four months have meant to me, and what an honour it has been to be with you. I have been warmly welcomed by everyone and have had engaging conversations with many of you. While I was not a stranger to this congregation before May, I have certainly gotten to know you much better over this summer, and I count that…

The Dilemma of Dishonesty

At a recent gathering of the Trinity men’s breakfast group one of the fellows asked me if he would still get to heaven if he told a lie. There was a bit of a twinkle in his eye as he put the question to me in the way that a child might ask it of their parent, but the underlying issue is a complex one that I spent much of my professional career dealing with as a professor of ethics…