Sermons from January 2017

Sermons from January 2017

A Good Word From the Cross

The cross reminds us that we are not called to self-sufficiency, and we are not called to worldly success. We are called to solidarity with the God who meets us on the cross in Jesus.

Lighten our Darkness

The Season of Epiphany, which began on the 6th of January, is closely associated with the symbol of light, which is why we are using “This little light of mine” as our opening song until the beginning of Lent. Immortal, Invisible, the classic hymn we sang just a moment ago, also uses light as a central image. In doing so, Walter Smith, the lyricist, makes several references to a paradox – the fact that we need light in order to…

Epiphany 2017

Epiphany 2017 Well, we have lived the 12 days of Christmas that the song of the same name celebrates, and, indeed, we have even lived “Epiphany”, a marking of the end of those 12 days, which happened on Friday. Other than re-telling the story of the Magi, we don’t usually make much of a fuss over Epiphany. Christmas is the peak towards which we journey and for which we prepare for weeks, sometimes months in advance. But by the time…