Sermons from December 2017

Sermons from December 2017

Looking for the Light

Every synagogue has a Ner Tamid, an Eternal Light that hangs somewhere above the Ark, where the Torah is kept. But the synagogue where I grew up in Phoenix was special. It had two Eternal Lights: one soft, glowing, golden one set high up in the towering Ark, and a bigger, brighter one like a traveler’s lamp that hung from the ceiling. We got the bigger one because people who visited our synagogue kept complaining that we didn’t have a…

Genealogy of Jesus

There are so many interesting, beautiful, perplexing stories told around the birth of Jesus. But one that has fascinated me for a long time is the genealogy of Jesus, which opens the Gospel of Matthew.

Hope – Meditation

Maybe you too, like the author of Isaiah, have been so fed up with the world around you, the way things seem to be, that in complete exasperation you have shook your fist at the heavens and declared “Oh, that you would rip open the heavens and descend!”