Sermons from 2020

Sermons from 2020

Moses and Me

We do so by choosing also to face and overcome our fear of whatever complacent inertia is stopping others from knowing and living into who and what they actually are.

Walking On Water

like those disciples in the stormy dark, we’re forced to face some really rough circumstances… That’s just when today’s text suggests Jesus shows up!

Great Commission – Trinity Sunday

‘The Great Commission’ is about Jesus telling us NOT to be silent! We have our instructions: May God’s smiling on us be the result of our good and faithful response to all of what Christ instructed those 1000s of years ago, and what he still so clearly instructs today – that our lives come to model all of the loving justice, compassion and healing hope that Our Trinity God intends, the Redeeming Christ has secured, and the Empowering Holy Spirit has sealed for us all.