Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday

Trinity has been invited to join Kamloops United Church in worship today.

The order of service is set out below.

Prelude                                           Wartime Remembrances                                  Marg Waldon

Welcome and Acknowledgement

On trumpet is Daniel Mills, Executive Director of the Kamloops Symphony.

Whenever we gather in this space, we acknowledge that we are on the unceded lands of the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc. Unceded means this territory was never relinquished, and this acknowledgement reminds us all of our role in Reconciliation. Since 1996 Kamloops United Church has been a member of Affirm United and we are proud to be an LGBTQ2S Affirming community of faith, where all are welcomed as members and leaders regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.  So, when we say all are welcome…it is with the assurance that all…means all.

Lighting the Christ Candle

We Bless One Another

Music                                          For the Healing of the Nations                                         VU678

Call to Worship

Loving God, on this Remembrance Day, we recognize the double-edged nature of our remembering.

We acknowledge the ultimate evil of war and our society’s part in adding to the violence of our world.

Yet we remember, with very real gratitude, those who sacrificed their health and their lives to resist evil.

They struggled as best they could on behalf of freedom and justice in the face of a terrible tyranny.

Be with us, O God in our remembering.

Strengthen us to resist evil and to work for peace with the same commitment and self-sacrifice as those whom we honor this day.  Amen.

*  The Act of Remembrance

They grow not old, as we that are left grow old; age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.  At the going down of the sun and in the morning;

All:        We will remember them.

Each day, a bugle was sounded in military camps to begin and end the day; in the evening this was called the “last post” and was also sounded for those who had died.

After the placing of the wreath, we will hear the bugle and have a minute’s silence to remember.

*  The Laying of the Wreath                                         Marcia Julian, Council Circle Chair

*   Last Post, Silence and Rouse

We remember those killed, injured, displaced during the two world wars of the last century.  We also remember the millions killed, injured, or displaced in other wars since then and going on right now.  Our hearts weep with unfathomable pain for your human family.  Bring peace, O God.  Bring your peace among us again.

*  Music                                                      O Canada                          VU524, v. 1, 2 (v. 2 below)

Almighty Love, by thy mysterious power, in wisdom guide,
With faith and freedom dower, be ours a nation ever more
That no oppression blights,
Where justice rules from shore to shore
From lakes to northern lights.
May love alone for wrong atone;
Lord of the lands, Make Canada thine own.
Lord of the lands, make Canada thine own.

God Communes

Scripture Reading                              Matthew 25:1-13                Alma Jean Inkster (Trinity)

Music                                                  All Who are Thirsty                                                     MV4

Contemporary Interpretation                              In the Meantime

Music                                          O God, Our Help in Ages Past                              VU806, v.1-4


Prayers of the People

Life-giving God,
where there is barrenness in our world, let there be birthing;
where there is winter,
let spring be promised;
where there are fields,
let poppies grow;
bring life, O God,
bring life back to this world.

Where memories imprison
and freedom is elusive;
where conflict roars
despite the promises of others; where terrorism entraps despite power and more power; where there is sacrifice,

let poppies grow.

Where war is not a memory,
but a dogged reality;
where bread is cheap,
but there is never enough;
and where bombs cost more,
and there is always money enough where there is injustice,

let poppies grow.

Where there is a silence that hides an apathy, where there is a silence that stops there,

where there is a silence
but a lack of will,
where there is only gesture, let poppies grow.

Life-giving God,
we pray for our world,
pray for it
in silence,
and with our living,
We pray for poppies to grow, where life has been taken, where trees are barren, where autumn has fallen.

And let us bring our own petitions before God:

Life-giving God, let there be living. Hear us.

So be it. Amen.

God Commissions

Music                                                      O Day of Peace                                                      VU682

Commission and Benediction

Sung Blessing            Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow                                  VU541