Trinity Food Bank

Trinity Food Bank

Trinity United Church operates a food bank, part of the Neighbourlink network.

We could not offer the consistent healthy variety of foods that we do without the constant generosity of Trinitarians!

Who can use the food bank?

Trinity United Church has operated a food bank since 2002. It began slowly at first, with minimal organization and relying completely on sporadic donations of money and food by people from the Trinity congregation.  However, the need for emergency food assistance has increased considerably since it began Most of the people who access our food bank live in Vernon.

Most of these people are referred to Trinity Food Bank by Neighbourlink, a national ministry of World Vision that networks with churches to respond to various needs in their community. They keep records of people requesting help, and are able to discern how best to give that help.

TUC is only one of the Food Banks that provide for the community, but we are one of the few who have a budget to keep our shelves stocked.  Neighbourlink has expressed great appreciation for our continued ability to support this ministry, especially during the time where other shelves are bare.  And recently, TUC has also associated ourselves with NexusBC to help some of the seniors in need in our community.

How can I help?

Trinity keeps our food bank stocked with our budget line, and the first Sunday of each month is designated for donations of food. The food bank can always use donations of food or money, if that is more convenient for you; however, some food items are more appropriate than others.

Helpful food items are:

  • Cans of vegetables, ie. beans, or green beans, or corn, etc.
  • Cans of fruit, ie. fruit cocktail, peach slices, or pears, etc.
  • Boxes of macaroni and cheese, ie. Kraft Dinner, or other brands
  • Cans of meat, or fish
  • Cans of stew, or pasta, ie. canned spaghetti, etc.
  • Packages of dried pasta, especially spaghetti
  • Cans of pasta sauce
  • Instant rice (such as Uncle Bens)
  • Boxes of individually-packaged hot breakfast cereals
  • Canned milk
  • Soups of all kinds
  • Crackers
  • Granola bars
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cereal (especially Cheerios)
  • Juice
  • Pork and Beans

Our goal is to help provide meals for a couple of days to help these families or individuals get through, with the most healthy and basic of ingredients.


The Food Bank is managed by the Trinity Office Manager, Jillian Thompson.