Trinity Food Bank

Trinity Food Bank

Our referrals come from Neighbour Link, a local Christian charity. They keep records of people requesting help, and are able to discern how best to give that help. TUC is only one of the Food Banks that provide for the community, but we are one of the few who have a budget to keep our shelves stocked. Neighbour Link has expressed great appreciation for our continued ability to support this ministry, especially during the time where other shelves are bare.

Food bags are distributed during office hours to individuals and families. Last year, we had distributed some 421 bags of food (about 300 families). The numbers of families in need is slightly up this year.

Regular Food Items

Typical contents of the bags we pack: pasta, tuna (or some tinned meat), pasta sauce, hot cereal packets, fruit juice, 2 canned soup, 2 canned vegetables, a couple granola bars, a can of fruit, pork & beans, instant rice (ie. Uncle Bens), instant noodles, KD and puddings.


Many extras come from the on-going donations of the congregation. Peanut butter is the number 1 extra item that families like. Other requested/sought after items: Cereal (especially Cheerios), saltine crackers, canned stew/canned pasta, evaporated milk, instant coffee.

Our goal is to help provide meals for a couple of days to help these families or individuals get through, with the most healthy and basic of ingredients. We will at times get items that we can’t use or are not suitable, either due to the item (ie cake mix) needing special ingredients and/or cooking tools/facilities not available or being past date. We also don’t distribute toiletries. This has only been done in the past for specific projects (ie Christmas hampers).

Any of the “regular” or extras food items that are listed above are gladly welcomed.

We could not offer the consistent healthy variety of foods that we do without the constant generosity of Trinitarians! Our clients, Neighbour Link and the volunteers here at the office (who shop, take orders, pack the bags and meet our clients) are so grateful for your donations!