Trinity Pays Tribute to Rev. Dr. Jeff Seaton

Trinity Pays Tribute to Rev. Dr. Jeff Seaton

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, Rev. Dr. Jeff Seaton and the Trinity congregation held a special service to end their covenanted relationship of seven years.

Supply Minister, Rev. Liz Bowyer conducted the worship service. Kamloops Okanagan Presbytery Minister, Allison Rennie narrated the Gospel of Luke story where Jesus appeared to his followers on the road to Emmaus. The congregation particularly appreciated the choir’s appropriate and beautiful anthem, By Our Love.

Allison Rennie presided over the part of the service that marked the end of the pastoral relationship.

Several people shared memories of special times with Jeff. Karen Neufeld, Trinity’s Music Director, shared the bond she and Jeff developed as they planned worship services. Pam Ellis told how she’d served on a committee to hire a Family Coordinator. However, Jeff recognized that Pam herself had the qualities Trinity needed for the role, and with Jeff’s encouragement, Pam accepted the position.

Board member, David Green expressed admiration for Jeff’s administrative knowledge and for the empathy Jeff brought to all parties as Trinity went through the difficult process of deciding the future of Camp Hurlburt. He also expressed how comforting it was to have Jeff visit him during a 2017 hospital stay.

Don McNair and children from Children’s Church presented Jeff with a large card featuring a tree covered with pink and white blossoms, the blossoms bearing special messages from Trinity people.

On behalf of the congregation, Marie Tambellini presented Jeff with a gift enabling him to purchase paintings and pottery from Mary Tremayne’s studio. Jeff responded with words of heartfelt gratitude. The standing ovation was testament to the appreciation and good wishes of the congregation.

At the conclusion of the service folks enjoyed coffee, tea and a cake decorated with a sincere message – “Thank You, Jeff!”