Winter Wonderland Dinner and Dance

Winter Wonderland Dinner and Dance

Let’s face it! January is the most blah month of the year and it goes on forever! But this year, thanks to Audrey Lammle, January at Trinity had a touch of magic that resulted in smiling faces and dancing feet. It was the Winter Wonderland Dinner and Dance that took place on Saturday, January 27th in our church hall.

It was indeed a winter wonderland night as folks crunched their way through fresh snow, shaking feathery snowflakes from their coats and hair. The hall, decorated with dark blue tablecloths, sparkling snowflakes and floral displays, and strobe lights playing spots of colour on ceiling and walls was a wonderland of delight.

After a delicious meal of clove-studded baked ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies, salad and desserts, Trinitarians kicked up their heels to the music of John Noren and his buddy, Ronnie. The music was fantastic so whether you danced or just tapped your feet to the music or sang along with John’s amazing renditions of Elvis, Johnny or Neil, it was totally enjoyable.

Thank you to all who made it happen:

Cooks: Doug Lammle, Paul Hanson, Wally Garrod, Gary Wendt, Dennis Smith and Brian Kopp. And dessert makers: Kate Sladen, Marie Tambellini, Shirley Grabinsky, Helen Brandt, Cheryl Green and Audrey Lammle.

Servers and clean-up crew: Barb Nicholls, Maxine Coffey, Brian Garnett, Linwood DeLong,

Planning and decorating committee: Audrey Lammle, Debra Fisher, Cheryl Green and Shirley Grabinsky. And a special thank you to Abby and Olivia Ellis for their lovely handmade snowflakes.

Great idea, Audrey! We hope you’ll do it again next year!