2023_FS_Trinity United Church

As per previous years, the Accountant prepared financial statements will be somewhat different than our internal statements that are sent out on a quarterly basis. This is primarily because from an accounting perspective, all the revenues of our investment funds (investment gains – or losses on the year) are simply recorded as investment income. For our internal purposes, we assume that $70,000 per year of income will come from the Camp Hurlburt fund and then another approximate $20,000 per year will come from the community fund.

As per our conversations, and our motion from our earlier ACM, our budget shortfall is being covered by our returns on our Camp Hurlburt fund.

Personnel expenses were higher in 2023, partially because of our Music Director (at the time) being on long term disability, and also because our Ministry Team were allocated more hours (CYF team) compared to 2022. Finally, cost of living adjustments were added across the board, per the policy of the United Church of Canada as well as the recommendations of Trinity’s Personnel Team.

From an administrative standpoint, the church employed custodians directly in 2023 compared to 2022 when that work was contracted out. As such, our administrative personnel expenses were higher, but our contract custodial expenses were lower.

I will be holding two fireside chats this year and will go through these financials as well as our budget for 2024. If you have any questions in the meantime. I’m happy to discuss.

David Green
Trinity United Church