Your Prayers

Your Prayers

A Message from Alma Jean Inkster.

Alma Jean Inkster

Prayer is an integral part of our faith practice, and at Trinity a committed group of individuals who feel called gather virtually to pray together for you and with you, whatever your concerns. The process is very simple.

On the Trinity Website click on “Prayer Requests”.

Simply select the email link and fill in your name, your email address, and some information regarding your prayer needs. Click “Send”.

Trinity’s Prayer Group will receive your requests and with the faith that God hears all our prayers, offer your prayer requests to God on your behalf. The information you provide is honoured and kept in the strictest confidence.

From a congregant:

While prayer might not be a regular practice for many of us, and our words and intellectual understanding might feel inadequate, we can still, with humility, enter into the mystery of prayer and ask others to join us in doing that. Together we may even sense its power and feel the closeness of the divine.”

Tips on finding “Prayer Requests” on the website.

  • In the menu along the top click/tap on either “Ministries” or “More” and a drop down link will appear.
  • On the homepage, scroll down below the section on Sermons, and you will see a colour picture titled “Prayer Requests”, and this will lead you to the form.