Ever Evolving Youth Energy!

Ever Evolving Youth Energy!

evolve 2016I was fortunate enough to attend the Evolve youth conference Nov 11-14 with three amazing youth.  Accompanying me was Katherine Taylor, Cassidy Delaney and Devin Crossley-Deere who is a close friend of Cassidy’s.

The youth represented our community so well and really allowed themselves to settle in and absorb all that was offered at the conference, I was very proud to be the leader connected to them.  The theme of the weekend was evolve.just.chill. with an emphasis on meditative practices, grounding and rooting thoughts, environmental conservation and making meaningful connections within your faith community and the broader community.  Youth and adults alike were strongly encouraged to disengage with their electronic devices and re-engage with the people around them.  It was wonderful to see a large group of youth (140) able to just relax and be themselves and be comfortable in their faith and in quiet activities.

evolve 2016Among those 140 youth and 25+ leaders of all levels, including the moderator for the National church, Jordan Cantwell, were youth representing all different viewpoints and perspectives making for a rich learning environment.

I personally came away from this conference with a sense of hope for the future and a level of mental and physical exhaustion that I can’t recall having since Abby was a baby.  The exhaustion was well worth it to have spent four days amongst palpable energy that I am sure will spill in to the communities of all the youth in attendance.  

Thank you for providing me and our youth with the opportunity to attend such a fabulous and worthwhile event. 

With an attitude of gratitude,

Pam Ellis
Children Youth and Family Programs Coordinator